“Waiting on a Text Back” by Anonymous

three dots, appear and disappear.
anticipation builds
you’re typing a paragraph — maybe a love song or a sonnet
(i’m a sucker for well-done iambic pentameter)

“lol” “yeah” “ha”

it’s funny how one letter can make you feel like someone ripped out your organs
(not to be dramatic, or anything)

the dots are back!

gone again. probably you were writing out a poem describing how he loses his breath and his train of thought every time i walk in the room until you got too self-conscious to send it. probably

you probably hate me

this is so stupid!
stupidstupidstupid who cares if you don’t write me back right away or at all because it’s not like it matters or anything because i have better things to do because i’m honestly a very busy pers-

“see you tmrw :)”
the smiley-face emoticon lights up my screen and my heart
dumb, stupid smile
“see you”

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