Untitled by Anonymous

I stand next to a house,
Large and made of glass
I see that there are people inside
But I’m fated to never go in
I’m still, watching idly
Their movements, expressions, emotions
Yet though I listen, no sound comes through
I’m fated to never go in
The glass is pristine, not a spot to be seen,
But to touch it’s fire on my flesh
I have nowhere to go, I must stare at this house
That I’m fated to never go in
I try to scream, no stir from inside
They don’t see me, they’re laughing along
I’m watching them, they can’t see me,
It seems I just can’t win.
So here I stand, waiting, longing,
In perpetual loneliness, seems I’m stuck
Outside that big glass house
Still fated to never go in.

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